(Exodus 2:1-10)




- Last week we set the stage for the arrival of baby Moses.  God=s people had been in Egypt since Joseph had them brought there during a time of famine in Canaan.  Over time the Israelites became so numerous the king of Egypt saw them as a threat to national security.


A His first plan to stop the Israelite population explosion was to oppress them with hard labor.  This failed.  The more the Egyptians oppressed them the more God multiplied their numbers


A Plan B was to have the Egyptian midwives kill all the Israelite babies in birth.  This too failed because the midwives feared God more than Pharaoh.


A Plan C --- Pharaoh ordered every baby boy that was born was to be thrown into the Nile river.


- So during a period in history when infanticide was practiced and God=s people were in slavery --- one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known was born --- Moses.


- Exodus 2 records the dramatic story of Moses birth and the early years of his life.  Read and expound the text and then draw an application.


- As we read through the first ten verses I want you to notice a couple of things.


1.  How God=s providence is highlighted as the backdrop of this story.


A God=s providence has to do with His sovereign control over people and all the events of live . . . from the current of a river . . . to the glance of a young woman . . . to the crying of baby . . . all are under the providential control of a God working all things for His purposes and glory.


2.  The influence of Moses mother in those ten verses.


A This would be a great AMother=s Day@ sermon text.


A We find out later that Moses mother=s name is Jochebed (JAHK uh bed).  (And his father=s name is Amram (AM ram). But Moses mother and her influence is highlighted no less than ten times in this brief narrative.






A Special Son

(vs 1,2)


- Read vs 1,2


A Matthew Henry


AJust at the time when Pharaoh=s cruelty rose to (its) height the deliverer was born.  Note, when men are projecting the church=s ruin God is preparing for its salvation@


A Briefly expound... spiritual barrenness in the church in America... hope for spiritual revival.


- Other things to note


A Moses was a Levite.  Moses was set apart for special service in God=s kingdom.  Years later at Mount Sinai the tribe of Levi would be set apart for priestly service.


A Verse 2 it says Jochebed noticed that Moses Awas a fine child@ (NIV) or a Abeautiful@ child.


A This is what the Hebrew word means: Moses was an exceptionally beautiful, healthy baby


A But twice in the New Testament the writers say Ahe was no ordinary child@ (Acts 7:20; Heb.11:23).  Which seems to suggest that Moses was uncommonly blessed by the hand of God as a young child.


A His mother is aware of this and so she hides him for three months.


- Here=s an important question: What was in Jochebed=s (Moses mother) and Amram=s (father) heart while they were ignoring the king=s edict and hiding baby Moses for three months --- was it fear or faith?


A Hebrews 11:23


ABy faith Moses= parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king=s edict.@


A It was faith. They were not afraid of the king=s edict. These are spiritually mature parents that God gave Moses.  Their faith in God silences the natural fear in their flesh.  Their faith enabled them to take an enormous risk.


- Here=s the next question I have.


A Was their faith in something God privately revealed to them?


A Romans 10:17: AFaith comes from hearing . . . hearing the word of (God).@


A Did God tell them he was going to allow the child to live and raise him up for great things?




A Was their faith in God trusting Him to bless their plans to save Moses?


A She did everything she could and then she trusted God with the rest.


- Whatever it was God honored their faith in Him as we see as the story unfolds.


Jochebed=s Faith Plan

and God=s Providence

(vs 3-6)


- Read vs 3-6


- No chance or luck in this story --- all providence --- all God controlling the placement of the basket --- the timing of this woman=s bath --- river currents --- glances --- the timing of Moses= cry --- heart filled with compassion --- Jochebed getting her baby back ( and getting paid to raise him)


- Jochebed may have known the place and time this woman bathed and took that into consideration in her plan --- but it was ultimately God directing all these path and bringing them together.


- A few notable things in these verses.


1.  Moses was not an only child nor was he a first-born child.


A He has an older sister, Miriam (Exodus 15:20), who kept an eye on the floating basket and saw everything that happened.


A Some speculate that she was 10-12 years old (maybe slightly older).

A Moses also has a brother, Aaron, who was three years older (Exodus 7:7)




2.  God=s Sovereignty Does Not Negate Human Responsibility


- Jochebed is trusting God but she is also actively thinking, planning and working to help her baby.


- Her trust in God=s sovereign plan does not render her passive or complacent.  Nor should it render us passive or complacent.


A Faith without works is dead


- Back to the story.  We pick it up with Miriam=s offer to Pharaoh=s daughter.


Childhood Lessons That

Endured a Lifetime

(vs 7-10)


- Read vs 7-9


A Sweet providence!


A She not only gets her son back for an extended period --- she gets paid to nurse him.


- Read vs 10


What Moses Got Being Raised

in the Household of Pharaoh=s



- Royal treatment.  He was royalty.  He was in the house of one of the King=s daughters.  He enjoyed all the benefits that included. 


- Acts 7:22


A AMoses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians . . .@


A He got an AIvy League@ education


A He studied hieroglyphics


A Trained as a writer --- which would later help him write the first five books of the Bible.


A Studied geography --- which would help him navigate the wilderness wanderings


A He studied medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and military strategy and weapons etc.  All of which would be helpful to him when he would lead the people out of Egypt.


Moses Radical Decision


- Hebrews 11:24-27


A Why?  What made Moses walk away from all the lifestyle of the rich and famous?


- One of the keys is found in vs 27


A ABy faith, he left Egypt, not fearing the king=s anger.@


A Who does that sound like?  Where did Moses ever see that kind of faith modeled?  His parents. 


A   See Hebrews 11:23


ABy faith, Moses= parents. . . were not afraid of the king=s edict.@


A Like Father --- like son.


Like Mother --- like son.(cf. II Timothy 1:5)


What Moses Got in the Early Years in His Parents Household


- We don=t know how long Moses= real parents got with him but however long they had they seem to raise him in the fear and instruction of the Lord.  They made a profound impression in the cement while it was still wet.  Because he never forgot the truths he learned while he was young. 


A We know that children are most impressionable in the early years.  We=ve got to seize that opportunity for the Lord. 


A (James Dobson says the first seven (7) years represent the Aprime time@ for spiritual training)


- Jochebed and Amram knew one day they would be turning their son over to a pagan people.  They wanted to make sure he was rooted and grounded in the Lord their God . . .

A his Hebrew heritage


A the greatness of youth


A hopes of the promised land


A hopes of a Messiah


- The Lord blessed their efforts because when Moses was forty (40) years old he left the luxuries of Egypt and chose to be identified and mistreated with the people of God.


- The Lord blesses all such efforts of raising covenant children in the ways of God


Challenge to Parents


- What if you knew you had only a brief window of time to indoctrinate your young child in the things of God --- then you had to give them up?  That would intensify your efforts wouldn=t it?  I=m sure it did for Jochebed and Amram.


- In reality, that=s not far from the truth. Children grow up and move on.  You=ve got to seize your window of greatest opportunity.


A Teach them God=s word


A Teach them about Jesus and His cross


A Teach them about what it means to trust in Christ alone for salvation


A Teach them to pray


A Teach them about God=s sovereignty.


A Teach them how to walk by faith and not by sight.


A Teach them sound doctrine


A Model these things


- Use all the tools you can


A Catechism books


A Christian books

A Most of all God=s word


- Pray like crazy for the spiritual development of your kids.



- Parents --- what is God saying to you personally in all this?  What are you going to do?


A Keep it up


A Start again --- laid off for a while


A Start now


- Proverbs 2:6

A ATrain a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.@


- Moses is a good illustration of how spiritual training in the early years pays off in the later years.


A Be patient --- remember Moses was forty (40) years old when he made some of the godly decisions that radically changed his life.  For those of you still waiting for results --- their is still hope. (God can bring fruit from the seeds you planted years ago.)


- Ecclesiastes 11:1


ACast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.@

A (Amany days@ could be years)


A That was true for Jochebed both literally and spiritually.  May it be true for you too. 


A  God help us to seize the opportunity to press His truth into their hearts while the cement        is still wet.


A God help us to have faith that His word will not return void.                          





May your children one day rise up to call you blessed for all the truth you poured into their souls.  To God be the glory for the privilege of molding lives to know and follow Jesus Christ.